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Speed Dating with the Button: A Spooky Adventure

JUN 14 2023

Speed Dating with the Button: A Spooky Adventure

Welcome to the Button, a speed dating show where two players can win an all-expenses-paid second date if they last on a date for 10 minutes! When the button lights up red, either player may press it and swap out their date for a new person.

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Are you looking for a funny, good time partner? Someone who is independent, consistent, and fun? Someone who is open-minded and can appreciate your outfit? Or maybe you’re looking for someone who can go ghost hunting with you? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

The Search is On!

The search for the perfect partner is on! Meet Emma, Faith, Quivion, Gabrielle, and Naija, all on the hunt for their soulmate. They’ve all been rejected for various reasons, but they’re ready to keep trying and see if they can find someone to share their spooky adventures with.

The Final Round: Red Button of Love

After a series of rejections, the final round is upon us. Will Emma and Faith find love? Will Quivion and Gabrielle find a connection? Will Naija and Sapphires’s red flags match? The button of love is about to be pressed and the fate of these speed daters is about to be revealed. Will love prevail or will they all go their separate ways?

The Results Are In!

The results are in and the two lucky winners are Emma and Faith! After hitting the red button of love, they have won an all-expenses-paid second date. Congratulations to them and all of the other speed daters who tried their luck today. Who knows, maybe they’ll find love in the future!

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