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Jack's Perfect Date: A Speed Dating Show

JUN 13 2023

Jack's Perfect Date: A Speed Dating Show

Welcome to the Button, the speed dating show where two people can win an all-expenses-paid second date if they last on a date for 10 minutes. Jack is looking for the perfect date, but he needs to watch out for Natalia's deal breakers. Here's what happened when Jack and Natalia met.


Jack started off with an icebreaker, asking Natalia how her friends would describe her. She said sweet, sexy, yummy, feral, and Pharaoh. Jack then asked if she collected anything, to which she replied rock salt and crystals.


Jack and Natalia then discussed their spirituality. Natalia was raised Catholic, but she considers herself more spiritual as she's getting older. Jack was also raised Catholic, but he is not religious anymore.

Deal Breakers

One of Natalia's deal breakers is a skinny penis. Jack doesn't remember saying that, but he does remember saying that Natalia should date someone cuter than himself. Natalia doesn't think that's a deal breaker, but she does think hygiene is important. Jack agrees.

Second Date

Jack and Natalia have been successful in their speed date and are going on a second date. They plan to go to an Italian restaurant and take a walk by the beach. It looks like Jack has found his perfect date!

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