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9 Symptoms Of Low Testosterone Every Man Should Know

MAY 30 2023

9 Symptoms Of Low Testosterone Every Man Should Know

Most guys are so used to low testosterone that feeling depressed and having low energy has become normal for them. But it doesn't have to be that way. This video will tell you if you have low or high testosterone and you won't even need to do blood work for this. We will go over nine symptoms of low testosterone.

1. Morning Wood

One of the best indicators of testosterone is your morning wood. If you have low morning word let's say once a week, it's very likely you have low testosterone. At the same time, if your testosterone levels are Sky High, you will always have morning wood with high testosterone. Your erections can become so strong it even wakes you up at night.

2. Low Ambition and Aggression

High testosterone males are very ambitious and have an aggressive Edge. This is what allows them to crush obstacles and Achieve big success. The modern world may have fooled you into believing aggression is a bad thing, just like how they shame all other masculine traits. It's true that high testosterone makes men aggressive, but aggression is not a negative trait. In fact, controlled aggression is one of the best traits of man could ever have. It gets things done fast and it helps you attack problems tenaciously. If you are low in ambition and aggression, it's very likely your testosterone levels are low.

3. Low Energy

Testosterone and energy are directly linked. If you have low energy and are sluggish all the time, you likely have low testosterone. I am talking about if you sleep well and eat enough but still feel tired. Chronic fatigue is one of the best indicators for low testosterone. This is the whole reason why people want to increase their testosterone in the first place. Sure, the extra muscle mass is nice, but the primary reason is because they lack energy in their day-to-day life. Because without energy, you can't do anything.

4. Belly Fat

If you eat decent and are pretty active but still accumulating fat around your midsection, you very likely have low testosterone. Testosterone has a very powerful effect on your ability to lose fat. It helps increase the adrenaline receptors on your fat cells, meaning it helps break down fat and turn it into energy. That is why a man with low testosterone will have increased body fat while the man with high testosterone is like a fat burning machine. You will not see Sloppy body belly fat on a man that has sky-high testosterone levels naturally.

5. Mood

Your brain has many cells that are testosterone receptors. The low level of testosterone your brain receives affects your mood. If you always feel depressed, miserable or anxious and there's no explanation for your crummy mood, it's likely because of low testosterone. Study shown that men with depression have low testosterone. The opposite is true for high testosterone. If you always feel strong-willed, determined, amped up and with high confidence, it can be an indicator of high testosterone.

6. Memory Loss

Testosterone has a heavy impact on brain functionality and one of the areas that are most heavily affected in our brain from having low testosterone is our memory. You see, research has shown that people with low testosterone are more prone to dementia compared to men with mid-range levels of testosterone. If you find it difficult to concentrate and perform basic tasks at work or you're finding it hard to remember where you put your PIN or even the name of people you meet, it can be an indication of low testosterone.

7. Laziness

If you are feeling lazier than normal, it could be a sign of low testosterone. You may find that you don't want to do things that you used to enjoy or that you have less energy for activities. Testosterone plays a role in regulating motivation, so when levels are low, you will feel like a lazy bum.

8. Insomnia

Low testosterone can cause insomnia. You may find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep. You see, testosterone plays a role in regulating sleep, so when levels are low, insomnia can occur. At the same time, sleep is essential for building your testosterone. This means you can end up trapped in a loop of low testosterone, a cycle where low testosterone causes sleep problems while poor sleep causes lower testosterone.

9. Feeling Weak

It's no secret that testosterone plays a huge role in the growth of muscle tissue. So if you feel weak for no reason or even start losing muscle mass despite going to the gym, it's likely you have low testosterone. Men with high testosterone pack on muscle and strength quick and their muscles feel Fuller compared to someone with low testosterone.

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